Artfoyer Cavigelli was a non-commercial artist-run space in Zurich, Switzerland. It cultivated an interdisciplinary approach to art, striving to create a community of local and international artists, architects and other cultural producers. 

Curatorial practice and the production of exhibitions was combined with relevant social and political themes such as globalization, migration, urban transformations, and changing notions of home and belonging. 

Within its program, artfoyer Cavigelli sought to address a specialized as well as a non-specialized public, and often worked with artists in residence and visiting artists in Zurich. 

The Artist's Window program dealt with site-specific installations in the window of the gallery, and focused on topics often related to the city and the neighborhood of Wollishofen. 

Artfoyer Cavigelli was supported by Cavigelli architecture studio, and managed by the artist and curator Anca Sinpalean. It was active between March 2010 and June 2014.