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Thursday, January 12, 7pm. 

Kunstkino Abend is a series of art films and documentaries screenings, which offers the possibility for further exploration of movements, trends, and the creative act. This week's Kunstkino Abend presents the first two of Simon Schama's documentaries from his series, The Power of Art: Caravaggio and Bernini.  Simon Schama is a British historian and art historian teaching at Columbia University. His series The Power of Art explores "the power of the greatest art, [which] is the power to shake us into revelation and rip us from our default mode of seeing. After an encounter with that force, we don't look at a face, a colour, a sky, a body, in quite the same way again. We get fitted with new sight: in-sight. Visions of beauty or a rush of intense pleasure are part of that process, but so too may be shock, pain, desire, pity, even revulsion. That kind of art seems to have rewired our senses. We apprehend the world differently."

After each documentary, which lasts about 40 minutes, there will be a discussion about the artist, the role that art played in society at that time, and how things have changed.

Kunstkino is organized and moderated by Olga Stefan.