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Transition Worlds

Transition Worlds is a video program taking place on February 29 and March 8, focusing on personal, environmental, political, social, economic, and psychological change in recognition of the ongoing global turbulence started in 2011. It features international artists from Berlin, Geneva, Chicago, Petersburg (Russia), Romania, Egypt and Ireland. The length of the screenings on both evenings is about 1hr40 min. The program is curated by Olga Stefan, a freelance arts journalist, curator, and events organizer. 
15fr per day or 20fr for both days includes drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and appetizers.

February 29, starting at 7pm
In Transit, Joanne Richardson (30 min, 2008)
Noé, Pauline Julier (22 min, 2010)
Following the Line of Arguments: Strada Fabricii, Cathleen Schuster/Marcel Dickhage (6:30 min, 2010-2012)
Lessons on Dis-Consent, Chto Delat? (18min16sec, 2011)
Battling Inertia, Matei Bejenaru (14min, 2011)
On Blind Faith, Gabriela Vanga (9min9sec, 2010)
What is Capitalism, Dara Greenwald (10min, 2006)

March 8, starting at 7pm
The Video Diaries, Khaled Hafez (6min19sec, 2011)
Khaled Hafez’s latest work, The Video Diaries, is the artist’s response to the revolution that swept through Egypt in January and February 2011. This three-channel video has been adapted for Ibraaz into a single-channel work in which three windows display footage either shot by the artist or taken from social and international media.

40 Shades of Grey, Nicky Larkin (1hr24min, 2011)
Nicky Larkin’s film, premiering in Dublin and Zurich in March, is an experimental, feature-length, non-narrative film piece, shot on location in Israel and Palestine. Some very black and white ideas and opinions exist, particularly in Europe, when people think of this notorious hot-spot. This project aims to explore the forty shades of grey and the many stories that exist in between the definite black and white opinions that we are presented with daily in our Western news media.