The artist Genia Loginova-Hünemörder (RU) chose to make autographed photographic portraits of the street workers on Albistrasse and to exhibit them in the windows of the GZ Wollishofen. The artist gives thus a “face” and a name to these anonymous workers, who are in fact temporary inhabitants of the neighborhood, portraying them like real heroes who “bring our streets in order“. The photographs are exhibited at the same time and place as the progressing construction work, thus giving the passers by a more personal view of these hero figures. An impressive documentation of the night road works is also available in the Artfoyer. 

Genia Loginova-Hünemörder is a video and performance artist born in Novokusnezk, South Siberia, and currently living in Zurich, Switzeland. She studied in Sankt-Petersburg at the Theater Academy, at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts  in Kiel and at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. She had numerous exhibitions in Russia and Germany, has been part of the performance groups “Emergency Exit” and InterStudio, and has participated in numerous film festivals. Her films, like the “Journal of a Russian Bride” (2006) documentary, have been broadcast on German public television. The artist has recently been giving a workshop, together with artist Mo Diener, entitled “Lifeart-Performance-Happening-Action?" at the University of Arts in Bern (2009-2010).

The artist Mo Diener (CH) regards the neighborhood as a “micro-model of the global network”.  Approaching the location she installs herself at Cavigelli Artfoyer for a temporary stay. With the opening performance … for a provisory stay  she collects her necessary day-by-day objects from different residents' homes in Wollishofen. BASICS / A living installation  will be the continuation of her networking activities in the shape of a workshop. The first day the artist will welcome the participants with a housewarming party, followed by a lecture about Swiss performance history and work and the elaboration of collective interventions in public space. During the opening evening the artist will hand out an application form for subscriptions to the workshop, which will be held on the 24th, 25th and 26th of June.

Mo Diener was born in Horgen, Switzerland, she studied in Zurich and at the University of Art in Geneva (ESAV). Since 2004 she is conducting freelance tutorial projects at the University of Art, Department of Fine Arts and Design (HKB), Bern. She participates in group and solo exhibitions as well as international performance activities including: Allan Kaprow:  Kunst als Leben – art as life, Kunsthalle Bern (2007), Moscow Short Film Festival (2008), Art Karlsruhe (2010), Proyecto Circo. Performance Audiovisuales, Habana, Cuba (2010). She has been recently preoccupied with identity issues, as exemplified by her project White Spot. Investigations in the matters M.D. (2008) or Mo about Mo, message salon downtown, Zurich (2008), where she questions the construction and perception of personal identity in a performative way. Mo Diener is interested in the area at the intersection of art and everyday life.  

Besides her installation “Die Welt gehoert (nicht) allen“ in the window of the Artfoyer, the Ukrainian artist Lada Nakonechna will make a series of actions in public space entitled “Magic Protective Circle”. The artist will hand yellow chalk and a set of instructions to people, encouraging them to delimit their personal/private territory in public space, by drawing a circle around themselves. The circle is a symbolic representation of a secure place, a sort of “home”, where one feels protected. But the necessity of personal safety brings along the idea of the private sphere... The aim of the action is to investigate the resulting topography of the circles: whether they intersect, whether participants include or exclude each other from their symbolic territories. The artist plans to repeat the action in different contexts. Lada Nakonechna also shows a video installation entitled Somebody else's (hi)story (2008). It is a video in which the artist's grandmother narrates stories of the people she knows, stories from different time periods. The work is investigating the way we perceive history, and the effect television has on it and our memory, the fragmentariness of our perception of past events and the underestimation of the past's impact on today's life.

Lada Nakonechna (born in 1981 in Dnipropetrovsk) is a young Ukrainian artist making installations, video and medial art, currently artist in residence at Binz 39. She is an active member of the artist group R.E.P. (Revolutionary Experimental Space) founded in Kiev in 2004. The artist is concerned with social issues in  the post Soviet countries and the effects of neoliberal processes, bringing up the question of personal responsibility and civic patriotism, being interested in the interaction between private/individual and public spheres and also in power relationships. Through her art, she investigates the role of the artist and the art institutions in contemporary Ukraine. She has been in art residencies in Zurich, Munich, Leipzig and Kiev, her exhibitions including: Great Surprise, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv (2010), Let’s Talk about Nationalism! Between Ideology and Identity, Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia (2010), Another City. Another Life, Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw, Poland (2008), Progressive nostalgia, Centro Luigi Pecci, Prato (2007), Postorange, Kunsthalle, Vienna (2006).

Anuradha Pathak, Indian artist in residence at the Rote Fabrik, shows an installation in the Artfoyer documenting the “Oliver” signatures in Wollishofen – the signatures of a person who intervened in public space by signing his name on benches, shields, bus schedules etc. Through her installation 'Have you seen Oliver lately?' the artist investigates how the inhabitants of Wollishofen interact with these public spaces made “private” by anonymous intervention. She will also place a bench bearing the (fake) “Oliver” signature at different locations in public space and see how people react to and interact with it.

Anuradha Pathak, born in 1977 in West Bengal, is a visual artist based in New Delhi, India. She has been working on the concept of understanding and portraying the psychology of migrants/immigrants who are confronted with various dilemmas, dialogues and desires in the contemporary world. Her works are not confined to one specific genre of art practice, she prefers to concentrate more on the line of participatory and interactive mode of presentation using sculpture-painting-drawing installations, photographs, and moving images. After completing her post graduation in painting from Rabindra Bharati University in Kolkata, India in 2001, she has been exhibiting in various parts of India and her first solo exhibition was in 2003 in Kolkata, India. Her writings on art and culture in India are also published and she has delivered various talks on related issues. Apart from this she has been involved in curating 4 thematic and 6 retrospective exhibitions as an assistant curator in India and involved in publishing several books on contemporary art and artists in India.