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The artistic interventions in the neighborhood of Wollishofen investigating the ideas of "home" have come to an end. The anonymous road workers who "bring our streets in order" gained a name and a face thanks to the initiative of Russian artist Genia L.-Hünemörder. Swiss artist Mo Diener made friends and contacts in the neighborhood and shared her knowledge and artistic practice, during her three days stay in the gallery. The material gathered will serve as basis for her future work. Ukrainian artist Lada Nakonechna investigated the idea of private property and invited people to think about it, in practical and performative ways, or by subtle reflections and writings on a window. The Indian artist Anuradha Pathak searched for "Oliver" and found interactivity and life in the neighborhood of Wollishofen, Zurich.
A documentation of all four artistic positions could be seen in and around the artfoyer Cavigelli.