Workshops Mo Diener

24.06. Housewarming Party 
11 a.m. Artist Mo Diener moved in her new temporary home. During the day she knocked on the neighbors' doors and invited them to the party in order to get to know them better. She presented herself and her work to the guests and handed out forms with questions about the relationship people have with their neighborhood and their neighbors. The material gathered will serve as basis for future work.

25.06. Presentation about Performance
7.30 p.m. After spending the night and the day in the Artfoyer, the artist made a presentation about the history of performance in art, for the visiting neighbors. The guests could look at the books and materials the artist brought with herself. A very dynamic conversation followed afterwards. 

26.06. Actions "Wo darf ich mich hinlegen?"
In the third day of her stay in the gallery, Mo Diener performed actions on the streets of Wollishofen, addressing the passers-by the somehow absurd question "Darf ich mich hier hinlegen?" She performed the actions in front of shops and restaurants, in the bus stops and in the hallways of buildings. People's reactions were different but mostly open and interested.